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Internet of Things – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Presented by:
Kevin Haley, Director, Product Management, Response
Jeff Barto, Trust  Advocate

Webcast Summary:
Vendors are priming a great future when the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality.  The reality is that the Internet of Things is here today. IoT has been with us in various incarnations over the last ten years or so. To protect yourself, your network and your business you need to think of the larger picture of securing the device to the network and back again.

IoT today is in its infancy, even though it’s been around a long time. There are no standards overall and there are industry nuances that further complicate security.

View this recorded webcast to learn:

  • What the IoT means today
  • What devices have been hacked and what have not
  • Practical approaches and best practices for dealing with the security issues that IoT creates


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Event: Internet of Things – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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