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Conquering Your Data Protection Challenges – Strategies for the Easy Win

Discover Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Presented by:
Michael Krutikov, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Webcast Summary:
IDC predicts that the PBBA (Purpose-Built Backup Appliance) market is going to continue to outpace the disk storage and software markets by a wide margin: quite simply, revolutionizing the way things are done.

While many organizations continue to struggle with the ever expanding growth of their environment – more data, new employees, new sites; you can start implementing strategies for success and stop making sacrifices and trade-offs in your data protection strategy.

View this recorded webcast to find out why the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance was named 2013 Product of the Year and why our customers are choosing Symantec more than ever – with IDC reporting almost 10x faster growth, year on year, compared to the rest of the industry

We discuss how you can:

  • Dramatically save the time spent on your deployment and management
  • Improve the efficiency of some of the most limited resources in your environment
  • Solve new and remote site data protection needs in a simple to use, yet complete solution
  • Deliver cost savings in the short-term, while delivering long-term benefits at the same time

Everyone would pick the easy way if they had the choice and knew it would be a win. Join us for this informative webcast to learn more.



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Event: Conquering Your Data Protection Challenges – Strategies for the Easy Win

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