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RATs – The Tools of Targeted Attacks

Kevin Haley, Director of Security Response
Eric Schwake, Regional Product Marketing Manager, CISSP

Webcast Summary:
What do Miss Teen USA and businesses have in common?  They've both been the targets of on-line cyber attack with the aid of a Remote Access Tool. 

Sometimes thought of as Creepware, Remote Access Tools (RAT) are being used to spy not only people but businesses as well and proceeds with the ultimate goal to get access and control of computers and data. The attacker can do nearly anything from a remote location as if they’re sitting at the computer themselves.

View this recorded webcast:

  • To learn more about RATs
  • How creeps are using this tool to access and control computers
  • Best practices to defend against this type of threat  



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Event: RATs – The Tools of Targeted Attacks

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