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Macs, Malware and Security Myths

Kevin Haley, Director of Security Response

Webcast Summary:
Are unsuspecting Mac users putting your organization at risk?  Last year, Mac malware increased by 66% with a single high-profile attack infecting over 600,000 machines. However, most Mac users are unaware of the risk of infection, leaving organizations vulnerable to infection.

Join our Security, Threat and Response Expert, Kevin Haley, for a closer look at Macs, Malware and Security Myths:

  • The history of Mac malware and the tools of modern cyber-criminals
  • Dispelling the myth of Mac invulnerability
  • What the rapid adoption of workplace Macs means for security
  • Providing proactive protection for both Windows and Macs



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Event: Macs, Malware and Security Myths

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