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Best Practice & Live Demo for Cloud Applications: Single Sign-on

Marty Jost, Symantec O3 Product Marketing
Bruce Ong, Director, Product Management, Symantec

As the sponsor or manager of your organization’s cloud initiative, your success is measured by a combination of factors including return on investment, risk management and the perception of service quality. These objectives are harder to meet as multiple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are deployed because they work against each other. For example, as you tighten security the user experience can suffer, which makes users unhappy and drives up support costs.

In this webinar, IT executives and application or infrastructure managers will learn how single sign-on and identity-based access control for enterprise cloud and web applications can simultaneously improve IT service and security, while making access to cloud applications easier and less expensive to support. Mission accomplished.

View is recorded webinar and demonstration of Symantec O3 to learn:

  • Why the emergence of the cloud has made single-sign much more important than ever for the user experience
  • What O3 can do to help organizations protect its cloud users and applications
  • How O3 can be easily deployed across all of your SaaS applications and internal web applications

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Event: Best Practice & Live Demo for Cloud Applications: Single Sign-on

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