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Stop 64% More Malware Today

John Harrison, Symantec Security Technology and Response
Kari Ann Christensen, Symantec Security Product Marketing

Traditional signature-based antivirus only captures a fraction of today’s malware. Full protection requires multiple layers of security. Is your company leveraging the crucial technology that stopped 64% of the 5-billion malware attacks last year?

From Ransomware to Drive-By Downloads, 2012 brought a three-fold increase in web attacks within the first six months. In 2013, the explosion of malware attacks is expected to continue. More and more companies are experiencing the impact of the rapidly changing threat landscape. To combat these threats, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 contains five layers of protection for unrivaled security with blazing performance in both physical and virtual environments.

Please join us for a discussion on the following:

  • Learn about the magnitude of new and emerging threats
  • Discover how malware and targeted attacks get on your commercial or enterprise system
  • Stop more malware with resources you may already have
  • Mitigate risk without sacrificing performance

Today's sophisticated threats require a security solution equipped with multiple layers of protection to keep your business secure.

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Event: Stop 64% More Malware Today

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